ErieRateLock_LogoAre you tired of paying more for the things you buy?

If so – Erie Insurance has a deal for you!  Erie Insurance introduced an exclusive car insurance feature here in Pennsylvania called “Rate Protection Endorsement”.  We just call it “Rate Lock”.   When “Rate Lock” is on your Erie car insurance policy your premium will not change until you do one or more of the following:

  1. add or remove a driver
  2. add or remove an auto
  3. change garaging location

This means that your premium could remain the same for many years even if you have an accident!

The cost to” lock” your premium varies by customer.

Watch this short video.  Now give me a call to get a proposal and “lock” your auto insurance premium.

This video from Erie Insurance also helps to explain the difference between RateLock and Accident Forgiveness that several insurance companies offer.

Cost may change if you make a policy change. Not everyone is qualified to purchase ERIE Rate Lock. Insurance is subject to terms, conditions and exclusions not described in this advertisement (e.g. does not guarantee continued insurance coverage). For terms, conditions, exclusions, licensure and states of operation information, visit Patent pending. S1242e © 2012 Erie Indemnity Company