I have written several post to spread the word about Erie’s Rate Lock feature.  Please review these posts.

I can now share 2 real life examples of the benefit to having your auto premium locked:

Bill used to have a company owned auto that he used for business and personal use.  His company decided not to provide the company car to Bill.  Bill would now have to use his own car for business.  A business rating on your personal auto insurance policy usually results in a higher premium for your auto insurance policy.  Bill was happy to find the business rating had no effect on his auto insurance premium because he had Erie’s Rate Lock!  But keep in mind that if Bill changes autos his premium will then be rerated for the business use.

Another example is Matt.  When Matt bought his new car in August he decided to add Rate Lock because the premium cost was only an additional $42.  The bad news is that Matt had an at fault accident.  Usually after an accident you can expect your auto insurance policy premium will increase.  Good news for Matt is that with Rate Lock his premium stayed exactly the same!

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