You might be thinking, I do not need insurance to ride a bicycle! While you are technically correct, did know that your auto insurance policy can provide coverage when you are riding a bicycle?

When I see statistics like this, it makes me pause and think since I am an avid cyclist. I do most of my riding on the road either on my single bicycle or a tandem with my wife Kathy. In Pennsylvania, the First Party Benefits coverage purchased on your auto insurance policy will apply to auto accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. First Party Benefits include Medical Expense coverage, Loss of Income coverage and Funeral and Accidental Death coverage.

Take for example one of my clients: While riding bicycle a car made a left turn into her and knocked her to the ground. The bicyclist suffered a broken rib and the bicycle was damaged beyond repair. My client the bicyclist was surprised to find that it was her auto insurance policy that paid $7,500 for her medical bills and $1,400 for loss wages. The only thing the at-fault car driver’s auto insurance company paid was the cost of a replacement bicycle. And since the bicyclist’s injuries did not meet the threshold of “serious injury” she was denied payment for pain and suffering. Something to consider when choosing your Tort Option here in Pennsylvania.

Another coverage on your auto insurance policy that can apply while riding a bicycle is Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorists coverage.

A tragic example of this type of claim is one of my clients who was struck head on by a car while riding a bicycle and killed. The cyclist’s auto insurance policy paid the largest Underinsured Motorist claim ever in my agency! This attorney who represents injured bicyclist makes an interesting observation about the cost of Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist coverage.

So the bottom line is: review your auto insurance policy and be careful on your bicycle.