Getting married, finding a new job and having a baby – these are all exciting, challenging events that can change your whole world. But they won’t just change your personal life – you’ll want to take a look at various insurance policies with each step you take as well. Here’s a list of the insurances you’ll need to review with each new adventure:


First Apartment

  • Renters Insurance: Do you really need it? Absolutely. Your landlord probably has a limited policy on the building, but that won’t cover all of your property and valuables in the event something happens to your apartment or the whole building.

New House

  • Homeowners Insurance: You will definitely need this one as all of the damage to your new home is your own to take care of. And unless you’re paying cash for your new abode, you may not be able to close on the place until you have coverage.
  • Life Insurance: While you can get it earlier in life, a new home is a good time to invest in life insurance, especially if you share that home with others. It will help your loved ones continue to pay mortgage and other house-related payments in the event of your passing.


  • Life Insurance: This is another important milestone to consider purchasing Life Insurance at if you have yet to do so. It will ensure your spouse is taken care of for common expenses like mortgage payments, funeral expenses, etc.
  • Car Insurance Adjustment: Putting yourself and your spouse on the same auto insurance policy can often save you a decent chunk of change. It also makes billing a little easier, and more concise in the event you add any additional drivers to the policy in the future.
  • Home Insurance Adjustment: You will need to re-assess the property owned by both parties to make sure you have an accurate amount of property coverage on your homeowners or renters policy once you’re married and living under one roof.

New Baby

  • Life Insurance Adjustment: Now that you have a new little person coming, you’ll want to make sure your life insurance policy will cover you in the event one or both parents pass.
  • Car Insurance: Sometimes your car insurance rate can go down with the birth of a little one – some insurers have found that parents of small children drive more safely, and thus they will drop your premiums. Not every company does this, but with a new bundle of joy, every little bit helps.

New Job

  • Life Insurance Adjustment: Your life insurance policy is supposed to be 7 to 10 times your annual income, so in the event of a new job with a new salary, be sure to review your policy to make sure you’re covered for at least that much.
  • Car Insurance: One of the factors of your car insurance rate is your commute – if the mileage you travel has gone down, you may be able to save a few bucks a month here as well.


  • Travelers Insurance: For a big trip, it may be a good idea to get travel insurance. This way, if any health issues prevent a planned trip, travel insurance can help you recover some of the cost of a missed trip missed.
  • Life Insurance Adjustment: If you’ve gotten rid of all of your debt and have financial security – bravo. You might be able to do without Life Insurance at this point. But if that’s not the case, you will want to review your policy at this point to make sure you can cover expenses.