It’s that time of the year!  The end of July or beginning of August come annual visits from the Yellow Pages salespeople.  New contracts for the Agency’s phone book advertising need signed  for next year.  What makes the process especially cumbersome is that Elizabethtown is serviced by 5 different directories!

I cannot tell you the last time I used a phone book.  The phone directory salespeople say that other people are different from me.  Does anyone else use the phone book?

This news article reports that Seattle wants to stop delivery of phonebooks.  But Lancaster County PA is not Seattle.  I would like to hear from Lancaster Countians:

When you need a product or service (like insurance), how do you go about the search and fact finding process?

Do you go to the yellow pages? or

Do you go online?

Your comments will be helpful in deciding whether to continue advertising in the yellow pages.

Did you know that you can “go green” and opt-out of phone directory delivery?