8 Mobile Apps To Help You In An Accident

Car accidents are more common than any of us would like – more than 6 million car accidents happen every year. The key is to be prepared – and now there are a lot of mobile apps that can help you in a car accident. Here are a few mobile apps to have ready that could help you in the event of a fender bender, or even help you prevent one.

Apps You Already Have

  • Camera – take detailed photos of the damage, the position of the cars involved, any injuries and any other pertinent items.
  • Flashlight – if your accident happens at night, this can help make it easier to assess the damage.
  • Notes / Evernote / Google Keep / etc. – any note-taking app can be very useful for taking down insurance information or making notes about the accident scene

Apps You Can Download

  • Your Insurance Carrier’s Mobile App – chances are pretty good that your insurance carrier has their own mobile app. Here you can view your insurance information and get in touch with someone at your company fast. Some of the larger companies even include features within the app like the ability to take photos of the accident scene, get roadside assistance or even submit a claim right from the site of the crash.
  • SOSmart Emergency App – this app claims to automatically detect when you get into a crash, and send a notification to your emergency contact(s). It also has a “Panic Button” that will alert your contacts to your location, a list of nearby hospitals, and more. Android | iOS
  • Accident Report – this app allows you to easily create an accident report including description, photos, location, sketches and more. Android

Apps to Help You Prevent Accidents

  • Drive Safe.ly – This app reads text messages and emails aloud in real time, and allows you to customize an auto responder to those messages without needing to touch or look at your phone. Android | iOS
  • DriveSafe Mode – this last app is meant to help the teen drivers in your life prevent accidents related to distracted driving from cellphone use. DriveSafe Mode helps by putting your phone in “DriveSafe” Mode – it blocks the use of the phone either entirely or based on acceleration, and notifies parents when their teens aren’t driving in DriveSafe Mode . Android | iOS