While driving to & from the office, I noticed that long-time Nationwide agent Dixie Kaley‘s office has been for sale.  It appears the property may now be sold.  Heard through the grapevine Dixie retired and moved to Florida.  If this is true then I say – “Congratulations Dixie! and hope the weather is fine.”

Her retirement means changes for her clients.  Several of her clients from Elizabethtown, Marietta and Mount Joy are unhappy that  the servicing of their insurance policies has been transferred to an agent out of the area.

This brings us back to the question – What is important to you?

Are you ok having an agent far away?  Is dealing with Geico on the phone the way you like to do business?

Or would you prefer a local insurance agent that you can talk to in person?

If you,  like many others, prefer the personal attention of a local insurance agent then stop by our office and see what Thome Insurance can do for you.