For many living here in Central Pennsylvania the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee is a distant memory.  But for others, particularly in Marietta, Manheim and Hershey, recovering from the flood is an ongoing struggle.

One of the conditions of the Flood Insurance Policy is that a signed proof of loss statement must be submitted within 60 days of the loss.  Because this disaster was so severe FEMA has granted an additional 60 days for the proof of loss statements for PA and NY.  This will allow those with flood damage the extra time needed to substantiate their claim.

On a different note, one of our insureds who lives in Hershey suffered flood damage but did not have flood insurance.  They applied for a US Small Business Administration loan.  One requirement for the loan was to buy flood insurance.  While completing the flood insurance application the insured made an off-handed remark – “I wish I had known that I could have bought flood insurance.”  This is one of the worst things that an insurance agent can hear!

It is standard practice in my office to offer flood insurance to all property owners.  The post of September 17th reminded us that ALL properties are in a flood zone!  A review of this insured’s file revealed that yes back in 2006 when he bought his Homeowner policy he was offered flood insurance and had signed a copy of this form.  Signed documents have a way of refreshing the memory.

You don’t want to be the person who says – coulda, shoulda, woulda!  Call today for a flood insurance quote.