This week alot of people were rudely reminded of 3 things about water damage.

After several days of rain here in the Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and Marietta areas,  including torrential rain on September 7, many homeowners found they had a new “wading or swimming pool” in their basement.  Reports made to my office ranged from minor pools of water on the basement floor to 5 feet of water in basements.

The bad news to the majority who have water in the basement is that property insurance policies, including homeowners insurance, exclude water damage from ((See sample exclusion language from a homeowner insurance policy)) :

  1. Flood or surface water.
  2. Water or sewage that backs up through a drain or sump pump.
  3. Water below the surface of the ground that leaks or seeps through any part of a building.

To cover damage caused by #1 you must purchase a flood insurance policy.

To cover damage caused by #2 you add a special endorsement to your Homeowner’s Insurance policy.

Number 3 cannot be insured. Other risk management measures need to be taken.  An example would be water-proofing the basement  or properly grading the soil around your property.

We all hope that its done raining for a while. In the mean time I must return to drying out my “pool” . . .  my basement. ((Exclusion wording was recently enhanced by one of my insurance companies. I don’t think we living in Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, Marietta area need be worried about the tsunami wording))