Erie Insurance is making changes to the way credit card payments are accepted.

Beginning March 1, 2016, credit cards will not be a payment option for Payment Plan A (pay in full) or Payment Plan B (pay within 60 days).

If you are on Payment Plan A or Plan B and typically pay your insurance premium by credit card, you have two choices:

1) Remain on the same payment plan and select a different payment method, such as an electronic fund transfer from your checking/savings account, debit card or check. Keep in mind that this option continues to allow qualifying personal auto and Ultrapack Plus Customers to receive a payment plan discount.*

2) Switch payment plans to continue to pay by credit card. To switch to another plan, call us at 367-1580.

Unsure of what payment plan you’re on? Call us at 367-1580 or you will find it on the last page of your Erie Insurance invoice. 

We appreciate your business and the continued opportunity to provide you with coverage that fits your needs at a fair price.

* To be eligible for the payment plan discount for private passenger auto and Ultrapack Plus, you must select Payment Plan A (pay in full) or Payment Plan B (pay within 60 days). The pay plan discount will not apply on plans other than A and B and our billing system will not automatically move you to Payment Plan A or B based upon your payment activity.