It is Friday afternoon on October 26th and the big news on the tv, radio and Internet is about Hurricane Sandy coming up the East Coast.  The news has generated numerous calls to the insurance office.  Many of the calls are questions from homeowners about getting flood insurance, adding sewer backup coverage or re-evaluating the coverage limits on their homes.

We will have to wait till next week to see exactly what effect Sandy has on Pennsylvania and the Lancaster County area but one lesson for many is:

  1. Do not wait until your neighbor’s house is on fire and the wind is blowing your way to review your insurance policy!

Flood insurance policies issued by the NFIP generally have a 30-day waiting period.  Also keep in mind that insurance companies are not stupid.  As soon as severe weather warnings are issued by National Weather Service, binding restrictions are usually issued by insurance companies to prevent increasing or adding insurance coverage.  Waiting until a storm like Hurricane Sandy makes the news to think about your insurance is like waiting to buy fire insurance when your neighbors house is on fire.

Please call me at 717-367-1580 to review your insurance policy before danger is pending.

And lets hope Sandy just goes out to sea.