McDonalds coined the question  “Do you want fries with that?” and developed the concept of bundling things into an attractive price.

Now other companies are doing a similar thing with both products and services.  Erie Insurance now offers several insurance bundles that can be added to your insurance policy that offer additional coverage for minimal cost.

For example: ERIEDo you want fries with that? Auto Plus endorsement can be added to your Erie Auto Insurance Policy for $30 per year.  That is not much more than the cost of 1 large serving of McDonalds fries per month.

The ErieSecure Home Insurance Policy offers 3 different bundles with varying costs. See more details about the Advantage Bundle, Plus Bundle or the Select Bundle.

Do you have an Erie Business Insurance policy?  If so, there is also an insurance bundle available that offers several important coverages for a small price.

Please call me at 367-1580 and lets discuss which Erie Insurance bundle is right for you.