You are probably as surprised as I am by the earthquake that we felt today here in PA.  Elizabethtown, Mount Joy and Marietta are not high-risk earthquake zones, but today’s quake is evidence that an earthquake can occur anywhere!

The phones are starting to ring with the most common question asked – “Am I covered for earthquake?”

The fact is – MOST property insurance policies exclude damage caused by earthquake.  It is too soon to tell if any property in our area has been damaged by this earthquake.

Now that the earthquake has been felt in our area.  Earthquake coverage cannot be added to a Homeowner policy until 7 days after the earthquake. If there are any future tremors, the 7-day wating period begins again.

If you have earthquake coverage on your home insurance policy,  review the policy to determine the deductible.  Earthquake coverage usually has a separate deductible from the other perils insured against. The most common deductible in our area is 2% or 5% of your property limit.  The deductible also applies separately to Dwelling, Other Structure and Contents.

Next week, but before the next “Big One”, call me to discuss this often overlooked but important coverage.