August 3rd post mentioned the hail storm that hit Maytown and Marietta PA on 5/14/10.  Hail damage claims often highlight the need for an under-purchased coverage called – Siding &/or Roofing Restoration.  This coverage pays to replace the undamaged siding or roof if the damaged siding or roof is no longer available.

Example:  Hail damaged the red aluminum siding on two sides of Mr Smith’s house. The Homeowner Insurance policy paid for the damaged siding.  The problem was this particular style of red siding is no longer available!  Mr Smith did not like that the new siding did not match the undamaged siding.

If  Mr Smith had Siding &/or Roofing Restoration Coverage, the insurance company, not Mr Smith, would have paid to replace the undamaged siding so the entire house would match.

Please call us for more details about this inexpensive homeowner insurance coverage!