Yesterday an insured called to report hail damage to the roof of his house.  No hail ocurred in the area recently, so the agent taking the report asked when the hail damage occurred.  His answer was “during the last hail storm”.

Claim records show that Maytown and Marietta had severe hail damage back on  3/29/2009 and 5/14/2010.

Now back to the question.  All insurance policies have a section called – Rights and Duties or Conditions.  While the wording of each policy is different.  Each say something like:

“In case of a loss you must notify us or our agent promptly“.

Another policy says “as soon as possible” another “immediate notice“.

Our insured’s policy added this wording:  “Hail losses must be reported within one year from the date the hail loss ocurred.

The lesson is – Please read your insurance policy and report any loss promptly!