One of the reasons you buy auto insurance is protection in the event your car it is dented, scratched or completely demolished.  If your car is completely demolshed the insurance company will declare it a “total loss” and pay you the “actual cash value“.

The majority of auto claims do not result in a “total loss”.  Now you face a decision.  Which auto body shop do you trust to repair your car?  You may have a particuler shop you trust or know a friend in the business.  There are several reputable auto body shops in the Elizabethtown area such as Thru It All Body Shop and Barton’s Body Shop.

Many insurance companies also build relationships with auto body shops that meet their standards and requirements.  Erie Insurance does this and calls it Direct Repair Program.  There are several advantages to having your car repaired by a DRP shop.  One is that there is no need for an adjuster to inspect your car.  The DRP shop can provide repair estimates and bill Erie Insurance directly.

Here is a list a current list of Erie’s DRP shops.

While you are free to use any auto repair shop you want, Erie’s Direct Repair Program has advantages worth considering.

Disclaimer: As of the date of this post, Barton’s Body Shop is on Erie’s DRP list while Thru-It-All Body Shop is not.