An insured called last week to say that he was now  going full-time. I thought this strange because he had  recently cut back to part-time employment.

What he meant was that he sold his house and was preparing to hit the road and travel full-time in his recreational vehicle.  Sounds great!  However, more changes to his insurance program are needed than simply canceling the homeowner insurance policy.

Sure, his motorhome was already insured on a personal auto insurance policy with his other auto.  But a full-timer needs more coverage than the personal auto policy can provide.

For example, the full-timer needs personal injury liability coverage. . . like when he injures someone when golfing.

Coverage is needed for personal effects that are in the RV or a storage unit.  These coverages are not covered by the personal auto insurance policy!

Various insurance companies have  insurance policies specifically designed to cover the needs of full-time RVers.  I represent Progressive and Foremost, who provide this type of coverage.

If you plan to go full-time, give me a call.